Vale Sir William Refshauge, MAPW Patron

MAPW placed the following notice in the Canberra Times on 2 June 2009.

The continous threat of nuclear weapons

28 MAY 2009. Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser adressed the National Consultative Committee on Disarmament Conference in Wellington last weekend, talking about issues of nuclear arms possession and the impossibility of differentiating between nuclear weapons for use and those for deterence.

North Korea and the possibilty of a nuclear free world

28 MAY 2009. North Korea's nuclear tests brought the political world to a halt and caused concerns about the possession and complete abolition of nuclear arms. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has published a series of articles on the North Korean tests, including the possibility of a world without any nuclear weapons and what implications it would have if complete abolition were to occur.

India’s uranium scandal: Public hearing without the public

Concerned villagers and activists opposed to the lease extension for India's uranium mine mill at Jadugoda, have been refused entry to the hall where the hearing was being conducted.

North Korea nuclear weapon test: time for test ban

MELBOURNE, 25 MAY 2009. Reports of a North Korean nuclear weapons test have brought new calls for a treaty to ban nuclear tests, and for progress towards abolishing nuclear weapons. MAPW Vice President, Associate Professor Tilman Ruff, has called on existing nuclear weapons states to get rid of their nuclear weapons.

Public forum to voice your opinion on Defence

Community organisations and individuals interested in the direction of Australia’s defence policy will have an opportunity to present their views. MAPW and the Nautilus Institute (RMIT) are organising a Public Forum following widespread disappointment in the community consultation preceding the Defence White Paper, where submissions advocating non-military solutions to conflict appear to have been ignored.

Massive budget increase for Australia's military

Defence will get a massive additional $43 billion dollars over a decade, with three per cent annual growth. The budget includes a substantial allocation of $9.2 million for the International Commission on Non-Proliferation and Disarmament, and also funds for counter-proliferation intelligence; and for nuclear and radiological security.

MAPW reporting from the NPT PrepCom

NEW YORK: MAPW Vice-President Dr Ruth Mitchell is writing daily reports from the United Nations Preparatory Committee for the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty which began in New York on 4 May.

Australia's Defence White Paper a military victory

Australia’s Defence White Paper was released on 2 May, following the Community Consultation report two weeks ago.

MAPW urges PM Kevin Rudd to end the conflict in Sri Lanka

MAPW has written to PM Kevin Rudd urging him to call on both sides to end the conflict in Sri Lanka.

In the letter, MAPW President Dr Sue Wareham calls for protection of civilian lives by: