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Life in Gaza today

Flyer for a talk by Dr Mona El Farra, a public health advocate from Gaza, in Canberra on 28 May 2013.

Australian veterans' health: Vietnam - MAPW War and Health fact sheet 5

"Australian veterans' health: Vietnam" is No 5 in the MAPW series of 2-page fact sheets, Australia: War and Health. It documents death and injuries suffered by Australian troops in Vietnam, the disproportionate casualties among conscripts; and the severe long-lasting health effects on veterans, their children, and future generations.

Australian veterans' health: Korea - MAPW War and Health fact sheet 4

"Australian veterans' health: Korea" is No 4 in the MAPW series of 2-page fact sheets, Australia: War and Health. Troops were wounded by gunfire, and suffered the effects of trench warfare in a severe climate. The fact sheet also documents longer term health effects for veterans, including a high level of cancers, and mental health effects; with reminiscences from gardener Peter Cundall.

Australian veterans' health: WW1 - MAPW War and Health fact sheet 2

The second in MAPW's 2013 series on war and health, this fact sheet discusses the wounds, disease and psychological trauma experienced by Australian participants and veterans of World War One.

Flyer for fundraiser at Riddells Creek

Flyer for a musical afternoon at Riddells Creek Sunday 19 May 2013.

Australia's wars: MAPW War and Health fact sheet 1

The first in MAPW's 2013 series on war and health, this fact sheet introduces the series with a chronological list of the overseas wars in which Australia has participated. Casualty figures are given where known.

Australia's military relationships

Australia's military relationships is the seventh in MAPW's War and militarism series.

MAPW submission to the Productivity Commission, April 2013

The Uranium Industry Association is trying to stop federal regulation of uranium mining. This is a copy of MAPW's submission to the productivity commission, written by Dr Margaret Beavis.

Noriko Todano flyer

Flyer for fundraising concert at Torquay 5 May 2013 featuring shamisen player Noriko Tadano.

The USA-China Stand-off

Speech given by Dr Sue Wareham, Vice President of MAPW, to the Sydney Peace and Justice Coalition 10 April 2013.

Kindling the fire: Anzac Eve 2013 Canberra flyer

Flyer for ACT Anzac Eve lantern-light vigil, Wednesday 24 April 2013, with a number of speakers and participants including the Chorus of Women

Origins of war in the context of international trade: Ian Buckley - 2013

Drawing on the observations and wise counsel of Eighteenth Century Scottish economist philosopher Adam Smith and others, MAPW member Dr Ian Buckley argues in a 22 page essay that the origins of war in the modern world are to be found in the government-sanctioned exploitative and aggressive style we have adopted in the conduct of international trade, and rues the missed opportunity for trade to

IPPNW letter urges Korean and US leaders to prevent use of nuclear weapons:

A 5 April 2013 letter from IPPNWi Co-Presidents - including MAPW's Tilman Ruff - to the leaders of North and South Korea an

Flyer for Agent Orange Justice benefit concert

Flyer for Agent Orange Justice benefit concert Anzac Day eve 2013

Iraq ten years on: How highly did the children rate

From the IPAN forum held in Melbourne19 march 2013 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, this is the presentation given by MAPW President Dr Jenny Grounds.