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Yellowcake Country? Australia's uranium industry. 2006

Yellowcake Country? is a detailed report on Australia's uranium industry prepared by the Beyond Nuclear Initiative in 2006. It raises environmental and health risks, and the threat of nuclear war.

"All options are on the table". MAPW poster (download to print) - 2008

This MAPW poster was made using the Michael Leunig cartoon. We are grateful for the artist's generous permission.

The century of violence and the way forward. Dr Ronald McCoy - 1998

Dr Ronald McCoy summarises Twentieth Century conflict, including the need for nuclear disarmament, the role of the UN and International Law, and the causes for hope for our future, concluding with our need to "be committed to a culture of non-violence and the sanctity of life". Paper presented at the 1998 IPPNW

Proliferation dangers associated with nuclear medicine (HEU). MAPW - 2008

The near-universal use of weapons-grade, highly enriched uranium (HEUi) to produce radiopharmaceuticals used in medicine, is a significant hazard.