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Exhibition: Artists for Peace. MAPW - May 2008

Radio broadcaster Dr Norman Swann will open the exhibition ‘Artists for Peace’, mounted by the MAPW's WA Branch, on 9 May.

The human costs of Iraq and other wars. MAPW: Sue Wareham - 2008.

MAPW President Dr Sue Wareham OAM addressed the Sydney Peace Foundation conference, Iraq Never Again: Building Peace, Ending War, held in Sydney on 15 and 16 April 2008. Dr Wareham spoke of the increasing humanitarian costs of war, of the human costs of the Iraq war, and of the posibilities for working together for peace.

Iraq: Doctors report civilian casualties in US air strike - April 2008

Doctors for Iraq Press Release, Baghdad, 14 April 2008

Doctors for Iraq has received reports from the Imam Ali hospital in Sadar City, Baghdad, of dozens of civilian casualties following US military air strikes on the densely populated neighbourhood east of Baghdad.

Doctors for Iraq, Press release April 2008

Five days of intense fighting between the Mehdi army militia and the Iraqi military in early April left hospitals in Iraq overwhelmed with the number of casualties. Doctors for Iraq's network across the country reported that hospitals were lacking many medical supplies and resources to treat the injured.

Radioactive exposure tour 2008

Friends of the Earth conduct this tour to remote northern South Australia, visiting uranium mines, the beautiful Lake Eyre and Mound Springs; and meeting with Indigenous peoples and local communities campaigning against the nuclear industry.

Bowling against uranium. June 2008

22 June 2008 in Adelaide. Counter Strike: A bowled move against the uranium industry: an afternoon of ten-pin bowling to raise money for a peace mural.

When the world said NO to war: exhibition. Til May 2008.

Flyer for photographic exhibition on the February 2003 anti-war protests in Australia and around the world. In Adelaide until 9 May 2008.

Piano recital: East Melbourne. MAPW - May 2008

The Medical Association for the Prevention of War Victorian Branch presents a piano recital by Dr Robert Schmidli at East Melbourne, 3pm on Sunday 25 May 2008.


Australian military intervention and the Fiji 2006 coup. Fiji Human Rights Commission - 2008

In November 2006 the Australian Blackhawk helicopter crash off Kadavu (Fiji) drew attention to the fact that our SAS were on the Kanimbla in Fiji waters prior to the 2006 coup. A new report - by the Fiji Human Rights Commission which is an active supporter of the current Fiji interim administration - argues that Australia's intervention was illegal.

Falling behind: international scrutiny of the peaceful atom - 2008

How well can the IAEAi safeguard existing civilian nuclear energy facilities against the threat of nuclear proliferation?

Radiation standards from a community perspective. Dr Gary Smith - 2000

A local government and community perspective.

Conference paper presented to the MAPW National Conference in 2000 by Dr Gary Smith, principal environmental scientist, Sutherland Shire Council, NSW. Considers radiation exposures and standards from a community perspective, in reference to the Lucas Heights reactor.


A new clear direction: Securing nuclear medicine for the next generation. MAPW - 2004

This 2004 MAPW study concluded that the new nuclear reactor then planned (and since built) at Lucas Heights in Sydney, was not needed for medical purposes. It describes the argument that the reactor was needed for nuclear medicine, as a "myth", arguing that isotopes can be imported, produced in some cases without a reactor, or that other diagnostic procedures can be used.

Music as Peace Work, 31 May 2008

Flier for ACT Branch fund-raising concert (see Events listing)

China, profits and power, Dr Hannah Middleton - 2000

 A paper presented by Dr Hannah Middleton to the 2000 MAPW national conference. It explores the proposed National Missile Defence program of the United States and suggests that the real target for this program is China.