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Reflections of war: MAPW April 2013 flyer

Flyer for MAPW Anzac Eve meeting, Melbourne, 24 April 2013.

USA-China stand-off

Flyer for public forum on Australia's role in the USA-China stand-off to be held in Sydney on 10 April 2013.

The Oslo initiative

Flyer for the inaugural seminar of the Nuclear Weapons Study Circle. The semina will address the significance and implications of the March 2013 Oslo meeting on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons.

Ian Maddocks: MAPW life member; Senior Australian of the Year 2013

An MAPW tribute to Professor Ian Maddocks as a model socially responsible physician with a brief account of his contribution to Third World medicine, palliative care, and the abolition of nuclear weapons.

Establishing an Arms Trade Treaty: MAPW, 2013

The Strange Difficulty of Establishing an Arms Trade Treaty: a paper written by psychiatrist Dr Peter Wigg in early 2013 discussing the international weapons trade in the light of his recent experiences caring for victims of war in the Middle East, and describing negotiations at the UN to establish the first ever international treaty controlling the trade in arms.

MAPW submission to Defence White Paper

MAPW submission to the 2013 Defence White Paper. The submission was written by Dr Jenny Grounds and focuses on the implications of the Australia-US military alliance, military spending, the narrow definition of "security" and possible conflicts of interest.