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Our resources pages list both downloadable resources — like documents, posters or media releases — and links to useful websites. To find resources on a specific issue on this page, click on the list below. To view resources by type, see the menu at left. More recently added resources are at the top.

Establishing an Arms Trade Treaty: MAPW, 2013

The Strange Difficulty of Establishing an Arms Trade Treaty: a paper written by psychiatrist Dr Peter Wigg in early 2013 discussing the international weapons trade in the light of his recent experiences caring for victims of war in the Middle East, and describing negotiations at the UN to establish the first ever international treaty controlling the trade in arms.

MAPW submission to Defence White Paper

MAPW submission to the 2013 Defence White Paper. The submission was written by Dr Jenny Grounds and focuses on the implications of the Australia-US military alliance, military spending, the narrow definition of "security" and possible conflicts of interest.

The delusional thinking behind "nuclear deterrence"

A report produced by Medact an affilliate of IPPNW (International Physicians for the Preventionof Nuclear War) which describes itself as "a global health charity tackling issues at the centre of international policy debates".

Ten top tips for engaging with politicians

Emily Murray recently completed an internship with Andrew Leigh MP within the Australian National Internships Program. Her research report, Pressure politics, is available on her website.

The document published here is her advice on approaching politicians.

MAPW statement on Israel — Palestine conflict in Gaza: December 2012

This statement by MAPW considers the health and humanitarian outcomes of Israel's blockade of Gaza; the need of all parties to comply with international humanitarian law; the costs of the November conflict in terms of deaths and injuries; and the humanitarian catastrophe that would be caused by any use of Israel's nuclear weapons.

Health and inequality in West Papua, thesis, August 2012

Invisible victims: the effects of structural violence on infant and child mortality in Papua Barat, Indonesia in the context of Human Rights is a Masters thesis by Stella Roos Peters of Utrecht University submitted August 20, 2012.

Independent and Peaceful Australia Network: statement

Statement calling for an independent Australian foreign policy, expressing particular concerns about the basing of foreign troops in Australian territory: including the stationing of US marines in Darwin; the presence of the Pine Gap surveillance facility; the use of West Australian naval facilities by US warships and the possibility of US military aircraft and warships being stationed at Stir

MAPW Annual report 2011-2012

Annual report of MAPW's activities for the financial year 2011-2012. It includes reports from President Dr Jenny Grounds, Treasurer Dr Peter Karamoskos, Secretary Dr Carole Wigg and Executive Officer Ms Nancy Atkin. Circulated to MAPW members.

MAPW National Newsletter Spring 2012

This issue of MAPW's national newsletter features a report by Dr Jenny Grounds on the biennial IPPNWi Congress in Hiroshima

All the way with the USA? How Darwin received its US troops

Justin Tutty, from Darwin's Basewatch organisation, reviews the first year of US troops being circulated through Darwin, noting that the priority for the first 250 Marines was to created a good impression - which may be more difficult to achieve as numbers rise in coming years. First published in Crikey.

Iraq war inquiry. Dr Jenny Grounds. October 2012

Why did we go to war in Iraq is a paper presented to the World Matters Literary Festival, 20 October 2012 by Dr Jenny Grounds, President of MAPW and member of the Iraq War Inquiry Group.

Arms transfer decisions and international humanitarian law

This ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) document, Arms transfer decisions: applying international humanitarian law criteria, is a useful summary of the principles of international humanitarian law (the "set of rules which seek, for humanitarian reasons, to limit the effects of armed conflict") and relevant treaties, such as the Geneva Convention.

Letter on US bases to Foreign Minister Smith - 21 September 2012

The Independent & Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) was launched on the International Day of Peace, 21 September 2012, and as its first action wrote to Foreign Minister Stephen Smith, introducing the organisation and outlining its campaign to promote an independent Australian foreign policy that builds peace and nonviolent resolution of conflict in our regionand opposing the establishm

The world is over-armed

In this op-ed article the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon states that "massive military spending and new investments in modernizing nuclear weapons have left the world over-armed .... and peace under-funded".

Submission to DECO on Defence Trade Controls Regulations

This submission was sent to the Defence Export Control Office in February 2012. It points out the inconsistencies between the proposed bilateral trade between Australia and the United States in defence articles and Australia's intention to ratify the Arms Trade Treaty or ATT.