Unholy Trinity: 65 years of nuclear weapons

On 16 July, the 65th anniversary of the US Trinity nuclear weapons test, MAPW Vice President Bill Williams wrote in Online Opinion that it’s time to promote the retirement of the world’s worst weapons of terror through a global treaty.

MAPW President writes on Talisman Sabre in On Line Opinion

MAPW President Dr Sue Wareham OAM looks at the environmental cost of the 2009 Talisman Sabre military exercises in her 10 July article on On Line Opinion

Dr Wareham argues that war and its preparation is the "one human activity that manages to escape scrutiny in our efforts to address climate change". 

MAPW calls for carbon audit of "wargames"

MAPW has asked Federal and Queensland politicians to support their request for the Australian Government to conduct a carbon audit of the Talisman Sabre joint US-Australian military exercises currently being held in Central Queensland.

MAPW prepares for military exercises

THURSDAY 25 JUNE. Talisman Sabre, which are major joint US and Australian military exercises, occur every two years in Queensland and the Northern Territory. MAPW has criticised these, as the exercises cause the environment to suffer greatly, and are also a threat to Australia's security.

Tilman Ruff visits Moscow for the ICNND meeting

THURSDAY 25 JUNE 2009. MAPW Vice-President Associate Professor Tilman Ruff visited Moscow for the International Commission on Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament,  initiated by the Japanese and Australian governments.

MAPW: Defence policy ignores public opinion

An MAPW analysis of community submissions on the 2009 Defence White Paper confirms that the report on these submissions ignored a widespread call for peace-making to take priority over military approaches to Australia's security.

World military expenditures in 2008 were more than US $1.46 trillion

THURSDAY 11 JUNE. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRIi), world military expenditures in 2008 were more than US $1.46 trillion, with the US spending $607 billion, or 41.5% of the total. China moved up to second place, with $84.9 billion (5.8%). Those two, along with France, the UK, Russia, Germany, Japan, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and India, in that order, comprise the top ten military spenders as a percentage of GDP.

London: Court case victory for UK and Pacific nuclear veterans

Court victory another step in nuclear veterans' lengthy compensation battle

Over 20,000 British, Fijian, New Zealand and Australian military personnel witnessed Britain's nuclear testing program in Australia and the Pacific between 1952 and 1958.

Defence Minister Fitzgibbon and conflict of interest

Following the resignation of Joel Fitzgibbon as Defence Minister, this letter from MAPW EO Nancy Atkin was published in the The Age:

Joel Fitzgibbon has stood down over conflicts of interest. But his failure to understand such conflicts was already clear in the Minister’s handling of the Defence White Paper process.

MAPW urges support for Cluster Bomb treaty

MAPW has marked the Global Week of Action to Ban Cluster Bombs by urging three countries in our region to take action to help eradicate the scourge of cluster munitions.