MAPW supports Bill for parliamentary approval for wars

MAPW has supported a Bill before Australia's Parliament, which would require the Parliament to give approval before Australia sends troops to an overseas war.

MAPW President slows down nuclear spin

MAPW President Bill Williams was invited to submit an opinion piece on the future role of nuclear power, to The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald following a prominent article and Age editorial on nuclear power, on Tuesday 13 October.

MAPW President Bill Williams on ridding the world of nukes

MAPW President Bill Williams has together with ICANi's James Norman assessed Barack Obama's steps towards a nuclear free future in The Age.

"When Barack Obama takes the unprecedented step of chairing the UN Security Council in New York tonight, he will be setting in motion a personal vision to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

If this vision were to be fulfilled, or eve

Parliamentary call for nuclear abolition welcomed

MAPW and ICANi - the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons - have welcomed today's call by a federal parliamentary inquiry, for Australia to play a leading role in ridding the world of nuclear weapons through a global Nuclear Weapons Convention (NWC).

Torquay GP is new MAPW leader

Dr Bill Williams was elected the new President of MAPW during the National Council meeting on the weekend of 29-30 August 2009.

MAPW National Council hears report on nuclear treaties

MAPW's National Council, which met on the weekend of 29-30 August 2009, was addressed by the Member for Wills, Kelvin Thomson M. Mr Thomson chairs the Australian Parliament's significant Joint Standing Committee on Treaties (JSCOT), which is expected to report later this month on its broad-ranging inquiry into Australia’s nuclear treaties.

Tamils in detention: statement by Sue Wareham

20 August 2009. MAPW President Sue Wareham made a statement in regards of the state of the approximately 300,000 Tamils still in detained in camps in Sri Lanka. The main concerns include the psychological and physical effects warefare has on the detained, as well as civilians and medical staff caught in overcrowded refugee camps.

MAPW concerned over expansion of the Olympic Dam mine: August 2009

MAPW has argued that the proposed expansion of the Olympic Dam uranium mine would lead to further threat from the nuclear fuel chain, as uranium mining is the starting point for the greatest environmental threat that humanity faces – nuclear weapons.

Hiroshima remembered around Australia

MAPW members joined commemorative vigils around Australia to mark the dropping of an atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima at 8.15 on a summer morning in 1945.

The terror of Hiroshima: Sue Wareham in Online Opinion

MAPW President Sue Wareham has marked Hiroshima Day with a piece in Online Opinion, reminding readers that  the Hiroshima bomb was a very small weapon by today’s standards, and yet an estimated 90,000 people died immediately it fell on the Japanese city.