The Australian War Memorial

The Australian War Memorial increasingly seeks and accepts sponsorships from the world's largest multinational weapons manufacturers. These companies reap enormous profits from war; for them, ongoing warfare leads to greater business success.

War Memorial should ditch weapons manufacturers: Anti war organisation - by Sally Whyte, Canberra Times, 21 May 2018

In this article, published in the Canberra Times and the Age on 21 May 2018, Dr Sue Wareham OAM, (MAPW National President) explains why Australia's national war memorial should promote peace and refuse financial sponsorship from war profiteerers such as BAE Systems.

Sign up to the Health Care Professional's statement and help us to ensure Australia signs the nuclear weapons ban treaty

Could you to take a quick action to support our goal of getting Australia’s signature and ratification for the nuclear weapons ban treaty?

Sign the Petition - The Australian Labor Party MUST commit to join the UN Nuclear Weapons Ban

The Medical Association for Prevention of War (MAPW) have launched a new petition calling on Labor to commit to signing and ratifying the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons:

The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize and the Doomsday Clock – The End of Nuclear Weapons or the End of Us?

On May 9th 2018, an important new article was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, “The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize and the Doomsday Cl

Trump’s reckless Iran decision increases nuclear danger

May 8, 2018

International Physicians for the Prevention of War (IPPNWi) condemns the withdrawal of the United States from the international nuclear weapons agreement with Iran, announced today by Donald Trump.

There are weapons worse than chemical ones - the Age - letters page Monday April 2017

There are weapons worse than chemical ones


Media Release issued Monday 16 April 2018

Parliamentary debate on going to war is long overdue

Opinion article published by the Sydney Morning Herald - Tuesday 20 March 2018

Stop pushing Australian Arms sales - Support the Petition

Outraged by the governments decision to make Australia a “top ten” arms dealer, Heather Porter has started an on line petition.