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IPPNW Nobel Oration by Jose Ramos Horta - 1998

Paper from IPPNWi XIIIth World Congress 1998

Causes of regional conflicts and wars with regional examples. Necdet Ipekyuz - 1998

Necdet Ipekyuz of the Turkish Medical Association outlines the fundamental issue that regions "where armed conflict is ongoing receives assistance in the form of health, educational equipment, food and clothing from various NGO

The effects of sanctions on the civilian community of Iraq - 1998

Ullrich Gottstein's slide presentation demonstrates the vast impacts on the Iraqi people after 1990, including issues of food, education, casualties and more. He visited Iraq in 1998.

The grim reality: the global nuclear situation. Dr Frank Barnaby - 1998

At the IPPNWi XIIIth World Congress, 1998, Dr Frank Barnaby outlined global nuclear arsenals - that t

Research reactors and nuclear weapons capability. Dr Jim Green - 2000

Dr Jim Green discusses the links between research reactors and nuclear weapons proliferation, including plutonium production, diversion of highly enriched uranium, weapons related research, production of isotopes for use in nuclear weapons and finally the political elements of weapons proliferation. Dr Green was then a member of Sutherland Shire Council's Nuclear Reactor Taskfor

NPT — Nuclear Proliferation Traders. Jean McSorley - 2000

Jean McSorley, independent anti-nuclear campaigner since 1980, discusses the 2000 NPTi Review Conference and “peaceful uses of nuclear technology”. Pape

Australian regulatory framework and radiation protection standards. Dr John Loy - 2000

Dr John Loy, Chief Executive Officer of ARPANSAi, addresses the 2000 MAPW Conference, r

Australia's non-proliferation and disarmament diplomacy. Richard Leaver - 2000

An analysis of Australia's role in nuclear disarmament in recent years and options for the future, by Richard Leaver, Senior Lecturer, School of Political and International Studies, Flinders University, and academic specialising in international affairs. Paper from MAPW Conference 2000.

JPPNW message at Nagasaki Day rally - 2002

An appeal from Hiroshima by Kenjiro Yokoro, MD, of the Japanese Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. Speech presented in Australia by Dr Tilman Ruff on behalf of JPPNW on August 1, 2002.

Reprocessing Australia's high level nuclear waste. Stephen Campbell - 2000

The Australian government, while being well aware that the political fix called reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel will disappear, has a speculative strategy for deailing with this dea

Proliferation threats: real or imagined. Richard Broinowski - 2000

Former Australian Ambassador and author of Fact or Fission - the Truth About Australia's Nuclear Ambitions, Professor Richard Broinowski gives an overview of the links between nuclear technologies and proliferations risks, and the challenges these pose. Paper presented at the 2000 MAPW National Conference.

Labor and Nuclear Disarmament. Laurie Brereton MP - 2000

The 2000 MAPW National Conference address by Laurie Brereton, Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and Federal Member for Kingsford-Smith, Australian Labor Party, New South Wales. This paper reflects the then policy of the Federal ALP on issues of nuclear disarmament.

Biological weapons: Statement by Ambassador Les Luck of Australia - 2001

Statement to the Biological Weapons Convention (BWCi) Review Conference, Geneva 2001, by Ambassador Les Luck of Australia.

The management of radioactive wastes and the disposal of plutonium. Dr Frank Barnaby - 2000

Dr Frank Barnaby outlines the categories of radioactive wastes, the need for a policy on disposal and management of plutonium and its inherent nuclear weapons proliferation aspects. Paper presented at the 2000 MAPW National Conference.