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Flyer: Nuclear strategy session and dinner, Akira Kawasaki: 2009

Kawasaki Akira is one of two NGOi Advisors to the Co-Chairs of the International Commission on Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament (ICNND

World March for Peace - Bondi Beach, Sydney

Map of estimated gathering at Bondi Beach, Sydney.

Bob Brown - winner of the 2009 Australian Peace Prize

Senator Bob Brown has been awarded the 2009 Australian Peace Prize for his lifelong commitment to peace, non-violence and justice.

Who will stop nuclear next use? Flyer for forum 2009

20 September 2009 forum: Australia-Japan civil society cooperation for nuclear disarmament.

MAPW piano concert 3 October 2009

 Flyer for MAPW fundraising piano concert 3 October 2009 at Romsey Victoria, with pianist Robert Schmidli. (Details also in events listing.)

MAPW National Council August 2009 - agenda

Agenda for the MAPW National Council August 2009 weekend. All welcome!

MAPW National Council August 2009 public events

Please join MAPW throughout the weekend of 28-30 August for events with excellent speakers, discussions and dinner.

Hiroshima Day Melbourne events 2009

This flyer lists the 2009 Melbourne events commemorating the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with nuclear weapons. These are a vigil and a concert on Hiroshima Day, Thursday 6 August; a public forum on Friday 7 August; and a rally and concert on Saturday 9 August.

The risk of accidental nuclear war: Melbourne flyer, 2009

Flyer for 7 August 2009 Melbourne public forum with Steven Starr, US nuclear weapons expert. Around the world there are thousands of nuclear weapons on "hair-trigger alert", ready to be launched at the press of a button.Steven Steven Starr has successfully lobbied at the UN to increase awareness on nuclear weapons operational readiness.

MAPW 2009 Hiroshima Day poster

US Forces dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima at 8.15am on 6 August 1945, immediately killing 85000 people.  This was the first time a nuclear weapon was used in war.  This simple MAPW poster is suitable to use for 2009 Hiroshima Day displays.

Hiroshima Day vigil

MAPW and partners are organising a vigil on Thursday 6 August between 7-9am outside St Paul’s Cathedral (Swanston & Flinders Streets corner).

Please download the poster and distribute widely.

Scarred Lands & Wounded Lives: film & q+a

In co-operation with Friends of the Earth, Dr Sue Wareham, the president of MAPW, will be speaking about the effects war has on the environment.

MAPW meeting - Imagine there’s no bomb: July 2009

Flyer for MAPW dinner meeting: a report-back from the UN’s nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty Preparatory Committee with Associate Professor Tilman Ruff and Dr Ruth Mitchell on Tuesday 14 July 2009 in North Melbourne.

MAPW Newsletter Winter 2009

MAPW's National Newsletter for Winter 2009 features an article from Dr Bill Williams about the movement on nuclear abolition. Furthermore, there's an update about the situation in Afghanistan and Sri Lanka, as well as a Townsville report and other peace activities listed.

Australia's Defence - where are we headed? June 2009

A joint discussion with MAPW and the Nautilus Institute (RMIT University) about the Defence White Paper and Australia's future military and nuclear power policies.