Doctors explode Ferguson's nuclear myths

The argument we need a radioactive dump in the NT to continue supply of nuclear medicine is described as “malignant” in a MAPW media release.

The National Radioactive Waste Management Bill is currently being debated in federal parliament. If passed, this legislation would see Muckaty, 120km north of Tennant Creek, as the only site initially assessed for a radioactive waste dump.

”In the House of Representatives yesterday Minister Ferguson and other ALP members continued to mislead the public by stating that a nuclear industry is necessary to provide treatment to people with cancer”, said Dr Hilary Tyler, an Emergency Physician from the Northern Territory.

“As medical professionals we strongly reject this, and deplore the use of this argument to push ahead with plans for a nuclear waste dump at Muckaty in the Northern Territory”.

We can provide all our needs for radioisotope cancer treatment without a nuclear reactor in Australia, and actually only a tiny percentage of the total nuclear waste produced is medical.“

Dr Peter Karamoskos, MAPW Executive Member and a nuclear radiologist, added “ What is needed is an inquiry into how Australia will manage existing nuclear waste in the safest and most accountable way. Mr Ferguson’s flawed legislation ignores community opposition and environmental concerns.”