Cluster bombs

Cluster bombs: the case of Lebanon. MAPW: Drs Mukhtar and Wareham - 2007

This 2007 MAPW report was written by MAPW doctors Hadia Mukhtar and Sue Wareham, with Phillip Salem from Australians for Lebanon. It documents the terrible legacy of cluster bombs in southern Lebanon as a result of the 2006 war, and makes recommendations for Australian action both to assist the survivors, and to prevent the use of these weapons in the future.

Cluster bombs

A cluster bomb or munition is a weapon comprising multiple explosive submunitions which are dispensed from a container. 

Dr Sue Wareham OAM

Position within MAPW: 
President and ACT Branch Coordinator

sue [dot] wareham [at] mapw [dot] org [dot] au
or via MAPW Executive Officer: (03) 9023 1958 or 0431 475 465

Current field of medicine: 

Dr Wareham is a general practitioner in Canberra.

Special areas of interest: 
Dr Wareham has a broad range of expertise. Her recent focus with MAPW has been on Australia's military strategy; and on the environmental costs of war. She is also an expert on the hazards of the nuclear industry.

Dr Sue Wareham first became involved in MAPW over 20 years ago out of a "horror at the destructive capacity of a single nuclear weapon." Sue notes that "millions of innocent people are still threatened by these weapons". Sue believes that her work with MAPW is fundamental to her commitment to the protection of human life and the improvement of human well-being. In 2007 Dr Wareham co-authored a MAPW report on the use of cluster munitions in Lebanon.She has been awarded the Order of Australia Medal for her work for peace.

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