Student Resources


Speech by Dr Amanda Ruler for Le Fevre HIgh School 2014

Dr Amanda Ruler, RN, PhD MAPW National Vice President and SA Branch Coordinator spoke at Le Fevre High School in December 2014 to raise awareness of the need to pursue nuclear disarmament.


Enduring Effects of War - flyer

 In partnership with Act for Peace, MAPW commissioned a set of lesson plans to highlight the humanitarian impact of war for middle years history students. The Enduring Effects of War is now available and attached is a flyer outlining the different lesson plans.

The Arms Trade Treaty - a public health imperative

The poorly regulated $70 billion annual trade in conventional arms fuels conflict, with devastating effects on global health. The ATTaims to ‘reduce human suffering’. It prohibits arms’ sales if there is knowledge that the arms would be used in the commission of genocide, attacks against civilians, or war crimes.

A public health perspective of the Fukushima nuclear disaster by Tilman A Ruff

The Fukushima nuclear disaster is far from over and remains a global health concern. Commercially and institutionally, vested interests have undermined public health and safety.   Tilman Ruff’s analysis of the current situation was recently published in the journal Asian Perspective.


Learn Abolition: ICAN 2008 educational booklet

This educational booklet on nuclear weapons and solutions is being developed for use in schools, and contains a range of educational activities.

Reprocessing Australia's high level nuclear waste. Stephen Campbell - 2000

The Australian government, while being well aware that the political fix called reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel will disappear, has a speculative strategy for deailing with this dea

The management of radioactive wastes and the disposal of plutonium. Dr Frank Barnaby - 2000

Dr Frank Barnaby outlines the categories of radioactive wastes, the need for a policy on disposal and management of plutonium and its inherent nuclear weapons proliferation aspects. Paper presented at the 2000 MAPW National Conference.

Securing our survival: (summary). MAPW and ICAN - 2007

This is a 4-page overview of Securing our survival: the case for a nuclear weapons convention (2007), which  sets out and explains an updated Model Convention aiming eliminate nuclear weapons.

Proliferation dangers associated with nuclear medicine (HEU). MAPW - 2008

The near-universal use of weapons-grade, highly enriched uranium (HEUi) to produce radiopharmaceuticals used in medicine, is a significant hazard.