Are you currently studying medicine or another health-related discipline? Interested in meeting other students here and around the world who are interested in reducing the impact of conflict on human health? Want to advocate for a more peaceful, healthy planet?

If so, become a student member of MAPW! MAPW has student members at universities across the country.  We organise campaigns and peer education events to raise awareness about the impact of conflict on health, and the role students and health professionals can play to advocate for peace.

We need your membership! The fantastic student rate of $11 means that:

  1. You add your voice and membership to a greater collective. Every new member gives us more lobbying power when approaching governments! MAPW is politically independent, which makes your support all the more essential! MAPW is in a unique position to offer expert and influential opinions on peace, disarmament and human rights. Be part of a larger medical voice that has a focus on international health and social conscience, just by being a member.
  2. Your contribution helps our organisation to continue promotion and advocacy through various materials (brochures, DVDs), events and publications.
  3. You’ll get a discount to MAPW events (student member discount on any one local dinner/event is more than $11).
  4. Active students can apply for travel grants to national and international MAPW and IPPNWi events.
    (IPPNWi is our global organisation, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War)
  5. Opportunity to get MORE INVOLVED! Email our student representatives (students [at] mapw [dot] org [dot] au) to get an MAPW Student “Starter-Pack” with instructions / tips / information pamphlets / promotional materials to get yourself and those around you more involved! This is also a great way to connect with doctors in your area in a setting outside the clinical environment.

Get involved by getting a Start-Up Package:

This package includes

  • MAPW information, action postcards and promotional material
  • ICANi promotional materials: pamphlets, stickers, brochures, badges, ICANi DVD (these videos can also be found on
  • Current DVDs
  • Materials prepared by students e.g. leukemia fact sheet
  • Other useful information booklets and promotional materials lying around head office

How to get involved (with others) in MAPW activities:

  1. Read our materials: "Vision 2030", our 2010 booklet on Australia's military industry, is a great start! Available online at 
  2. Talk to some of your friends and your GHG about MAPW and ICANi: put up ICANi posters; distribute pamphlets in common areas. We encourage and suggest promotion during O-week at your university!
  3. Screen one of the 1-2 minute videos at the start of a lecture to give classmates an ideai of what we're about (these videos can be found on, with a lead onto:
  4. Screening a DVD movie session with a discussion at the end (maybe start with your GHG and then move onto your general medical student population)
  5. Go to an MAPW meeting in your capital city/local branch - we can help you get in contact with your local active doctors!
  6. Continue to be involved with student-friendly, cost efficient activities like "Target X", Hiroshima Day "Nuclear Free, My Cup of Tea", hosting public lectures (by experienced local doctors), workshops with peers, relaxed catch ups / dinners with your local branches.
  7. Host and help host larger events such as fundraising dinners with guest speakers, piano concerts and / or movie nights!
  8. Take the next step and become your university's MAPW representative, or your state's student representative!
  9. There are lots of opportunities to continue being involved in larger scale projects nationally e.g. Global Health Conference (MAPW plays an academic role every year). Regionally, connect with other South East Asian Pacific countries about topical issues, as well as opportunities to connect on an international level with IPPNWi's student movement (International Congress is held every two years)
    IPPNWi = International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (Nobel Peace Prize in 1986), of which MAPW is Australia's affiliate organisation

    Other student international projects include:

Aiming For Prevention - IPPNWi's campaign against small arms violence

The Nuclear Weapons Inheritance Project - A peer exercise aimed at opening dialogue with the generation of various nuclear states that will inherit these nuclear weapons. This international project is run by three coordinators - one of which is our own Misha Byrne (UQ, email at misha [dot] byrne [at] gmail [dot] com)

Useful websites - and

Feel free to contact our current student representatives at students [at] mapw [dot] org [dot] au , former (now graduated) Student Representative Marcus Yip (marcusjyip [at] gmail [dot] com) or Phyllis Campbell-McRae at our head office (eo [at] mapw [dot] org [dot] au) for welcoming local contacts, advice and / or more materials to use!

There are many opportunities to be involved. To get in touch with your State or University MAPW Representative or for help preparing or organising an event, email students [at] mapw [dot] org [dot] au.