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Following the US to war: public meeting

A4 printable flyer for Melbourne public meeting "Following the US to war: lessons from Iraq", Tuesday 19 March 2013.

The delusional thinking behind "nuclear deterrence"

A report produced by Medact an affilliate of IPPNW (International Physicians for the Preventionof Nuclear War) which describes itself as "a global health charity tackling issues at the centre of international policy debates".

Fukushima 2 years on: MAPW Geelong meeting flyer March 2013

B&W flyer for MAPW meeting in Geelong, 18 March 2013. "Fukushima 10 years on: Nuclear power clean and green?" Guest speaker Dr Peter Karamoskos.

MAPW ACT dinner flyer

Flyer for ACT MAPW branch dinner 13 March 2013

Iraq 10 years on

Call for submissions for the symposium on "Iraq 10 years on" to be held at the city campus of Deakin University 14-15 March 2013.

Ten top tips for engaging with politicians

Emily Murray recently completed an internship with Andrew Leigh MP within the Australian National Internships Program. Her research report, Pressure politics, is available on her website.

The document published here is her advice on approaching politicians.

IPAN statement for signatures

Statement calling for an independent Australian foreign policy, expressing particular concerns about the basing of foreign troops in Australian territory: including the stationing of US marines in Darwin; the presence of the Pine Gap surveillance facility; the use of West Australian naval facilities by US warships and the possibility of US military aircraft and warships being stationed at Stir

MAPW statement on Israel — Palestine conflict in Gaza: December 2012

This statement by MAPW considers the health and humanitarian outcomes of Israel's blockade of Gaza; the need of all parties to comply with international humanitarian law; the costs of the November conflict in terms of deaths and injuries; and the humanitarian catastrophe that would be caused by any use of Israel's nuclear weapons.