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MAPW Annual Report 2010-2011

Annual Report of MAPW's activities for financial year 2010-2011. Includes reports from the outgoing President Bill Williams; from Secretary Dr Carole Wigg, EO MsNancy Atkin and Treasurer Dr Peter Karamoskos, as well as reports from each Branch Coordinator; and an overview of nationally coordinated activities. 12pp, circulated to members 19-24 October 2011.

MAPW National Newsletter Spring 2011

MAPW 2-page newsletter contains overview of current campaign activities including Afghanistan anniversary, Sri Lanka, asylum seekers, cluster bombs, and nuclear waste. Mailed to members 19-24 October 2011, with Annual Report.

The accidental teacher: a true story from Laos

This is a story sent to us by someone working with students in Laos.It shows the suffering of those who live their day to day lives in close contact with unexploded ordinance. We have omitted the name of the author in order to avoid him/her getting into any trouble with the authorities. 

ANFA statement 2011

Statement arising from the annual meeting of the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance held on the weekend 9-11 September, 2011.

Uranium and health: Speech given by Dr Jenny Grounds, President of MAPW, September 2011

Uranium and health: the medical perspective is the text of a speech given by Dr Jenny Grounds at the "Uranium and poetry of peace" seminar held at Moores Gallery, Fremantle, Western Australia on 25 September, 2011.

Secrets, lies and uranium enrichment: 2004 Greenpeace report on Silex

"Secrets, lies and uranium enrichment" is a report produced by Greenpeace Australia, in 2004, on the classified Silexi project at Lucas Heights.

War memorials and the arms industry: Report, September 2011

Two large war memorials are currently being proposed for the shores of Lake Burley Griffin. To build the memorials the Memorials Development Committee need to raise $25 million.

MAPW briefing: Health in West Papua - October 2011

This 25-page briefing paper on "History, health and human security in West Papua" was prepared for MAPW by James Breheny, student of International Relations, La Trobe University.

MAPW National Newsletter Winter 2011

MAPW 4-page newsletter, including one-page feature on Fukushima disaster and the risks of nuclear power.

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Art Monthly article: The lingering effects of Vietnam

An article from the June 2011 issue of Art Monthly which looks at the art work of Vietnam veterans in Australia.

Open letter to government regarding cluster munitions

An open letter to the Defence Minister, Foreign Minister and Attorney General urging changes to the legislation on the ratification of the Convention on Cluster Munitions. The letter has been signed by Dr Bill Williams on behalf of MAPW.

De-alerting letter for P5 meeting June 29th

De-alerting letter to P5 meeting signed by MAPW.

Criminal code amendment on cluster bombs

Report on the limitations of the criminal code amendment on cluster bombs.

Joint statement on Nuclear Medicine in Australia

This 2-page statement has been developed by the NT Branch of MAPW and partners. It asks for an inquiry into radioisotope production and nuclear medicine waste disposal prior to the construction of any radioactive waste dump in Australia.

MAPW National Newsletter Autumn 2011

MAPW newsletter as mailed to members. This edition has feature articles on radiation hazards, and on the health risks created by the nuclear reactor crises at Fukushima, and 25 years ago at Chernobyl. 8-page A4. April 2011. 

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