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Campaign for nuclear free NSW, speech: Feb 22 2012

Notes for a speech given by Yukiko Hirano from the "311 campaign for nuclear free group" at a rally outside NSW parliament called in response to the attempts by the current NSW government to overturn the 26 year old ban against uranium exploration and mining in that state.

MAPW Policy: Radioactive Waste - revised February 2012

MAPW revised its nuclear waste policy in 2012. The three-page Radioactive Waste Policy - revised February 2012 - begins by stating that reduction at source (waste minimisation) is the fundamental principle in reducing the risks of environmental contamination from nuclear waste.

Why Australians should be prosecuted for war crimes in Iraq: Tim Wright, 2009

This article by Tim Wright (first published in the Alternative Law Journal, Volume 34, No.3, 2009) assesses whether there is a legal and factual basis for the International Criminal Court to investigate and prosecute Australian leaders and soldiers for war crimes committed in Iraq.

MAPW National Newsletter Summer 2011

Two-page newsletter sent to members at the start of December 2011, with news on current campaigns and projects, and coming events

Muckaty: dumping on the territory. Dr.Peter Karamoskos. December 2011.

An article by Dr.Peter Karamoskos on the proposed radioactive waste dump at Muckaty. The article, printed in the Northern Territory News on Saturday 10 December 2011, was written in response to an editorial in that paper repeating the assertion that the radioactive waste to be stored will be largely nuclear medicine waste.

Uranium sales to India: Health and environment groups write to ALP delegates November 2011

2-page letter to ALP National Conference 2011 delegates, on the proposed sale of uranium to India.

Illegality of uranium sales to India. November 2011

A two page briefing paper by Tim Wright summarising the legal opinion on uranium sales to India provided to ICAN by Professor Donald Rothwell of ANU.

Uranium sales to India: legal advice

Formal legal opinion provided to ICAN by Professor Don Rothwell from the Australian National University states that the South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty prohibits Australia from selling uranium to countries that have not accepted full-scope safeguards.

Human rights in West Papua: 2011 report

Franciscans International, Papua Land of Peace and the Asian Human Rights Commission have issued this new detailed report on human rights in West Papua. It includes information on violence (including torture and executions), health indicators and other human rights issues.

ACPD report: October 2011 : Radionuclide release from Fukushima nuclear power plant

A report by ACPD (Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions) on releases into the atmosphere of xenon-133 and caesium-137 from the Fukushima power plant. The report, published 21 October 2011 concludes that the amount of xenon-133 released into the atmosphere at the time of the Fukushima disaster was greater than that released at Chernobyl by a factor of 2.5.

Health and human security in West Papua

A study on the health and human security of indigenous West Papuans published in the Medical Journal of Australia in 2008.

Paying for protection: The Freeport mine and the Indonesian security forces.

A 2005 repor by Global Witness which investigates the co-dependent relationship between the TNI and international business interests operating in West papua.

Indonesian human rights abuses in West Papua

A paper prepared in 2004 for the Indonesian Human Rights Network by the Allard K. Lowenstein Human Rights Clinic of Yale Law School.

MAPW submission to SA Parliament re Roxby Downs Bill: October 2011

MAPW submission to the Select Committee of the South Australian Parliament, on the Roxby Downs (Indenture Ratification) (Amendment of Indenture) Amendment Bill 2011.

Sri Lankan human rights: Letter to PM at time of CHOGM, October 2011

Letter from MAPW President Dr Jenny Grounds, to the Prime Minister Julia Gillard, asking that the issue of human rights and alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka be raised at CHOGM, and that action be taken against Sri Lanka should an independent inquiry not be agreed to.