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Our resources pages list both downloadable resources — like documents, posters or media releases — and links to useful websites. To find resources on a specific issue on this page, click on the list below. To view resources by type, see the menu at left. More recently added resources are at the top.

Nuclear weapons and other cheerful things: MAPW, 2008.

"Nuclear weapons and other cheerful things; Easy ways for doctors to make a difference and why we should".

Nuclear scenarios on a warming earth: Sue Wareham, MAPW: 2008

Address to the conference "Imagining the Real : Life on a Greenhouse Earth" held at ANU, Canberra in June 2008. Dr Wareham presented some reasons that nuclear power is not the solution to climate change; and emphasised a second inconvenient truth . . . 26,000 nuclear weapons, which must be abolished. Dr Sue Wareham OAM is President of MAPW. 

MAPW presentation: chemical and biological weapons — 2006

MAPW presentation giving an overview of chemical weapons and biological weapons and some examples of their use. Also details international treaties to ban these weapons, and which countries have signed these treaties. Part of a 2006 MAPW series of presentations designed to assist members speak on these topics.

MAPW presentation: the ICAN campaign — 2006

An introduction to issues addressed by the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. (NB - last updated 2006 - see for more up-to-date resources).

MAPW presentation: Australia-US defence links — 2006

MAPW presentation on Australia's defence links with the USA. Covers the history of the alliance, and a number of issues including the ANZUS treaty, Pine Gap base, Iraq, and missile defence. Part of a series prepared to assist members give presentations on a range of health and peace related topics. *Not updated since the November 2007 change of government.

MAPW Depleted Uranium presentation — 2006

MAPW presentation on Depleted Uranium (DU) weapons. This is part of a series prepared to assist members give presentations on a range of health and peace related topics. Covers basic information, military uses, health implications, and possible action.

Alternative Anzac Day 2008: MAPW speech, with IPPNW NZ and Turkey messages

MAPW was invited to speak at Melbourne's Alternative Anzac Day commemoration on 25 April 2008.

The human costs of Iraq and other wars. MAPW: Sue Wareham - 2008.

MAPW President Dr Sue Wareham OAM addressed the Sydney Peace Foundation conference, Iraq Never Again: Building Peace, Ending War, held in Sydney on 15 and 16 April 2008. Dr Wareham spoke of the increasing humanitarian costs of war, of the human costs of the Iraq war, and of the posibilities for working together for peace.

Falling behind: international scrutiny of the peaceful atom - 2008

How well can the IAEAi safeguard existing civilian nuclear energy facilities against the threat of nuclear proliferation?

Radiation standards from a community perspective. Dr Gary Smith - 2000

A local government and community perspective.

Conference paper presented to the MAPW National Conference in 2000 by Dr Gary Smith, principal environmental scientist, Sutherland Shire Council, NSW. Considers radiation exposures and standards from a community perspective, in reference to the Lucas Heights reactor.


China, profits and power, Dr Hannah Middleton - 2000

 A paper presented by Dr Hannah Middleton to the 2000 MAPW national conference. It explores the proposed National Missile Defence program of the United States and suggests that the real target for this program is China.

Reprocessing Australia's high level nuclear waste, Stephen Campbell - 2000

 A conference paper presented by Stephen Campbell, nuclear campaigner for Greenpeace Australia Pacific in 2000.

Biological Weapons: Statement by Ambassador Les Luck - 2001

 The statement by Australian Ambassador Les Luck to the Biological Weapons Convention Review Conference in 2001.

The management of radioactive wastes and the disposal of plutonium. Dr Frank Barnaby - 2000

A paper presented to the 2000 MAPW National Conference by Dr Frank Barnaby, Oxford Research Group. 

The paper explores the problems arising from the lack of disposal options for radioactive waste produced by military and civilian nuclear programs.

Hostages of the Nuclear Era: Security Problems in Europe. Sergei Kolesnikov - 1998

Sergei Kolesnikov outlines nuclear security issues in Europe and the need to "gain better vision of, and more ideas on how to tackle the most sensitive points which can be understandable both for the public and decision-makers", to keep IPPNW