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Open letter from MAPW to Sen. Mathew Canavan, Minister for Resources

Regarding the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility & the Expansion of Nuclear Medicine Production for Export

Speech by Dr Amanda Ruler for Le Fevre HIgh School 2014

Dr Amanda Ruler, RN, PhD MAPW National Vice President and SA Branch Coordinator spoke at Le Fevre High School in December 2014 to raise awareness of the need to pursue nuclear disarmament.


Carolyn Holbrook: Remembering WW1: 2015

Historian Carolyn Holbrook spoke in March, 2015, at an MAPW forum in Fremantle organised by the Western Australian branch, on Australia's commemoration of the centenary of World War One. She argued that the way we remember past wars influences, for good or ill, our attitude to current and future wars.

Melissa Parkes: Preventing war: 2015

Melissa Parkes, Federal Member for Fremantle, spoke in March, 2015, at an MAPW forum organised by the Western Australian branch on Australia's commemoration of the World War 1 centenary. She described the tendency to romanticise war in this commemoration, and the important alternative of thinking in terms of prevention.

Evolution of the physicians' peace movement : A historical perspective by Ian Maddocks, MD, FRACP, FAFPHM, DTM&H

Historically, physicians have chosen to consider medical ethics rather than patient rights, as well as preferring responsibility for the individuals seeking their help rather than for the health of populations. Protests against planning for war, and discussions about sustainment of global well-being, were received within the medical profession with both encouragement and hostility.

2014 Anzac Day Speech by Hon Peter Underwood AC, Governor of Tasmania

Hon Peter Underwood AC made this speach on Anzac Day 2014. The speech not only recognises the enduring effects of war and honours those who's lives were lost, but reminds us to seek peace at every opportunity.

Obituary for Michael Denborough (July 11 1929 to February 8th 2014)

Michael Denborough was a medical researcher and founder of the Australian Nuclear Disarmament Party. Michael passed away in February 2014 and his daughter Liz has writen this touching Obituary on behalf of the family in honour of their father. 

The Enduring Effects of War

This series of lesson plans on war for Year 9 and 10 students was created through a partnership between the Medical Association for Prevention of War, its project partner Act for Peace and the History Teachers’ Association of Victoria.

How we talk about war: Peter Wigg's presentation to the Vic MAPW dinner: July 2013

Dr Peter Wigg, psychiatrist and MAPW member, says: 'Working in the Middle East for three years, providing care to victims of armed conflicts, had a marked effect on me. Since then I have been thinking about what changed in me, as a way of thinking how others might change.

Nuclear power in Japan

A presentation given to the MAPW National Council Forum on September 3 2011 by Professor Richard Tanter, Nautilus Institute for Security and sustainability. The presentation focuses on what happened at Fukushima, the situation now, the health and environmental consequences and the implications for the future of the nuc

Fukushima and public health

Presentation given to the MAPW National Council Forum on September 3 2011 by Associate Professor Tilman Ruff, Australian chair of ICAN. The presentation discusses the Fukushima disaster and its public health consequences and implications.

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Japan concealed data during crisis: Lateline 10/06/2011

Dr Peter Karamaskos, MAPW treasurer and Australian public representative on the Radiation Health Committee of the Australian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Committee speaks to Ali Moore on the failure of the Japanese government to inform and protect its citizens.

The Causes and Costs of War: MAPW Address, Easter 2011

Address to the Unitarian Peace Memorial Church, Easter Sunday, 24 April 2011, the day before Anzac Day. Dr Jenny Grounds, Vice President, Medical Association for Prevention of War, speaks about the human, environmental and financial costs of war, and how war should be commemorated.

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