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Cundall and Leunig launch MAPW's “War is a Health Hazard”: Anzac Eve 2012

Media release issued 23 April 2012, promoting launch of MAPW paper on War and Health, at Anzac Eve event with Peter Cundall and Michael Leunig as special guests of MAPW and Brunswick Secondary College. The paper and the event focus on the human and health costs of war. The 2-page paper is written by the President of MAPW, Dr Jenny Grounds.

MAPW media release: Bombing of Darwin Day: Do we need it? - February 2012

This 20 February 2012 media release from MAPW states that Australia does not need yet another annual day to commemorate warfare.

IPPNW: Military action against Iran

Statement by IPPNWi opposing the suggestion of military action against Iran's nuclear programme.

Sue Wareham: Letter to "Canberra Times" 6 February 2012

This letter was written to The Canberra Times by MAPW's Dr Sue Wareham following an advertising feature placed in that newspaper by the government of Sri Lanka on the occasion of Sri Lankan Independence Day.

Jenny Grounds: Letter to The Age, 31 January 2012

Letter to The Age, 31 January 2012, by Dr Jenny Grounds. The letter calls for a nuclear free zone in the Middle East.

Selling uranium to India: an ICAN and MAPW joint media release, 4 December 2011

Labor sells out on nuclear non-proliferation, a joint media release from MAPW and ICANi on 4 December, following the ALP conference decision to sell uranium to India.

MAPW media release: Risks of transporting radioactive waste to Muckaty.

Media release announcing fact sheet and results of study on the risks to humans and the environment, of transporting radioactive waste to remote outback Northern Territory, where it is proposed that there should be a nuclear waste dump at Muckaty, near Tennant Creek. Quotes Dr Tom Keaney from MAPW's NT Branch.

Loopholes in Cluster Munitions Bill undermine legislation: Media Release, Cluster Munitions Association (Australia), November 2011

Media release from Cluster Munitions Association (Australia) responding to reports that ALP Parliamentary Caucus has voted not to amend draft legislation to ratify the global treaty banning cluster bombs.

India uranium sales would increase nuclear war risk: MAPW, 15 November 2011

MAPW media release calling on on the Australian Government and the Australian Labor Party to lead the world towards the abolition of nuclear weapons, rather than risking nuclear weapons proliferation by selling Australian uranium to nuclear-armed India.

Media release: West Papuan shootings: October 2011

MAPW President, Jenny Grounds, calls for suspension of Australian military ties with Indonesia following the shootings at the third West Papuan People's Congress. 21 October 2011

News article: Artists brush up for world peace

Article from The West Australian 25 September 2011 on the Artists for Peace exhibition in Perth.

MAPW Media Release: Radioactive Waste dump Bill, May 2011

MAPW has called on the Government to withdraw the National Radioactive Waste Management Bill, and to conduct an Inquiry into nuclear medicine and nuclear medicine waste disposal, in a Media Release entitled "Doctors seek second opinion on radioactive waste laws".

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2006 Statement of Opposition to Uranium Sales to China and India

Joint statement by MAPW with 6 other organisations, argues that the Australian Government should be working to strengthen the fragile international disarmament and nonproliferation regime, not to weaken it.

MAPW media release: Medical specialists urge full information on Japan health risks, 17 March 2011

This MAPW media release laments the lack of accurate information about the continuing nuclear crisis in Japan with the Australian government advising its citizens to evacuate 80 km from Fukushima, after reassurances the previous day that the 30km Japanese evacuation zone was adequate.