Australia welcomes Guam activists

SATURDAY 14 JUNE: Visiting Chamoru activists Lisa Natividad and Julian Aguon inspired over fifty participants at an Melbourne workshop on the expansion of US bases in Guam, and the creation of new bases in Okinawa. See the Events column for details of further Australian meetings.

Indian doctors welcome Australian decision not to sell uranium to India

INDIA, 10 JUNE 2008. Indian Doctors for Peace and Development (IDPD) - MAPW's sister organisation and fellow affiliate of IPPNWi - have issued a press release welcoming Australia's decision not to sell uranium to India, and Prime Minister Rudd's announcement of a new international Commission to advance nuclear disarmament,

MAPW applauds PM's initiative in setting up Commission for nuclear disarmament

CANBERRA, 9 June 2008. MAPW'S President has congratulated Prime Minister Kevin Rudd fon plans announced today for Australia to set up a new international body to push for nuclear disarmament. 

New treaty bans worst cluster munitions

IN DUBLIN between 19 May and 28 May, 110 governments negotiated a new international treaty, the Convention on Cluster Munitions, that will ban cluster munitions that “cause unacceptable harm to civilians”. The treaty bans all the cluster munitions that have been extensively used.

Act now to ban cluster munitions

21 MAY 2008. MAPW has asked its members and supporters to take urgent action (detailed below) to persuade the Australian government to support a total ban on cluster bombs.

A crucial international conference is taking place in Dublin, where the wording of the treaty to ban cluster bombs will be finalised by the end of this week. 

Earthquakes, break-in, raise nuclear safety questions

  • Two stories this week show the vulnerability and risks posed by both military and civilian nuclear facilities

Sweden: Men held over nuclear scare

SWEDISH police detained two men on suspicion of planning to sabotage a nuclear power station today after one of them was discovered entering it with small amounts of a highly explosive material.

ICAN Australia releases report on recent NPT (nuclear treaty) meeting

ICANi Australia's report on the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty Preparatory Committee (NPTi PrepCom) held in Geneva from 28 April to 9 May, has now been finalised.

International campaign to stop HEU use in radiopharmaceutical production

MAY 2008: IPPNWi has launched a medical campaign, as part of ICANi, to accelerate the global conversion of radioisotope-producing reactors from highly enriched uranium (HEUi) to low enriched uranium (LEU).

IPPNW Students launches Small Arms Action Group

The International Student Movement of IPPNWi is proud to announce the development of an international small arms action group for its student members, The International Student Coalition to Abolish Small Arms. This project builds on 'Aiming for Prevention', IPPNWi's campaign to prevent injury and deaith from small arms and light weapons.

Australian adopts stronger position in Geneva nuclear negotiations

GENEVA, 8 MAY 2008. The Australian government has raised several important issues which could help advance the abolition of nuclear weapons, during meetings on the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty this week.

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