No Airport Arms Ads

New campaign in Canberra:  No Airport Arms Ads

When visitors first arrive at Canberra Airport, one of the main gateways to our nation’s capital, one of their first images is large display advertising at the baggage carousel for some of the world’s biggest weapons manufacturers, such as Raytheon, BAE, and ThyssenKrupp.  Arms advertising is an inappropriate “welcome” to Canberra.  It is selling short our national capital and presenting it as a place focused on preparing for war.  It helps to normalise warfare by presenting sanitised images of weaponry.  It is particularly unwelcoming for refugees from war zones.

Read more here [link to “Why a No Airport Arms Ad campaign?”]


The companies, their products and their promotion

Read a little about who is promoting their wares in our national capital airport, and the global arms industry and its promotion. [links to Companies and their products, and Arms Companies Promoting Conflict?]


Comments from Australians about the airport arms advertising

Read comments [here-  link to Comments from Australians…]  from people around the country who regard prominent arms advertising at a main gateway to our national capital as inappropriate.


Eisenhower…and others

US President Eisenhower warned in 1961 against “…the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex”, which he said could bring “…the disastrous rise of misplaced power.”  Read this and other related comments [here]

Undermining Canberra Airport’s “green” credentials

Warfare and its preparation is one of the greatest destroyers of the built and natural environments.   Read more on war and the environment here.


Nuclear weapons

Globally, civil society and many governments are striving for a nuclear weapons ban treaty. Read moreThe promotion at Canberra Airport of companies that are involved, or whose parent company is involved, in the production of these most destructive of all weapons undermines this process.  Read more here.


Sign the petition [link]

To the Capital Airport Group,

“We urge that the arms industry advertisements displayed at Canberra Airport be removed.

The airport should promote the national capital’s rich natural, cultural and historical heritage and unique attractions, not its preparations for warfare.  Prominent signage that promotes military-industrial activities is selling the city short.

Reminders of warfare are highly inappropriate and may be offensive to new arrivals from war zones.  The ads are inconsistent with Canberra’s new status as a Refugee Welcome Zone.

It’s time for the arms ads to go.”

Launch of the campaign

Campaign Launch

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