Wikileaks: Deception over missile defence - Letter to Canberra Times

THURSDAY 10 FEBRUARY 2011: MAPW's Immediate Past President Dr Sue Wareham OAM, had this letter published in today's Canberra Times:

Wikileaks’ revelations continue to raise questions of accountability for betraying public trust.

The Australian government’s secret support for the destabilising US ballistic missile defence program (CT, Feb 8, page 1) flies in the face of the clear statement in the 2009 Defence White Paper that the government was opposed to the development of “a unilateral national missile defence system by any nation”. The white paper wording, we learn, was designed to appease Labor’s Left. In other words, the truth would be hard to sell, so a lie was substituted.
Last year, we learnt that federal Labor minister Mark Arbib is one of the US embassy’s valued confidential contacts, providing information on our government to a foreign power. Whose interests is he serving? Will he be held accountable for so abusing his position?

On the war in Afghanistan, we learn that the war “scares the hell out of” former Prime Minister Rudd; and yet Australians are still being sent to kill and be killed in this hopeless and senseless war.
Perhaps government pronouncements have been so corrupted with lies and weasel words, that we don’t even expect to be told the truth anymore.
However we must ask whose interests are being served by such deception, and who will be held accountable? Or has it become so “normal” for Australian interests to be ignored in favour of those of the US that we barely take any notice?

Dr Sue Wareham, Medical Association for Prevention of War

Contact Dr Wareham at or via the MAPW office: 03 9023 1958