War to End all Wars - honouring the dead by learning the lessons - chapters 7 & 8 now available

The War to End all Wars, honouring the dead by learning the lessons, is a series of papers written by a wide range of experts.

MAPW believes that Australia could best honour those who died by learning from the past. This series of papers outlines our failure to do so and some ways forward.

Paper 7: We'll be there: how Australia decides to go to war by Paul Barratt makes the case for the Australian Parliament to debate and decide whether or not Australia commit troops in conflicts and not the executive.

Paper 8: Australia, the Quite Accomplice by Prof. Richard Tanter outlines the expansion of Australian/American "joint facilities" including Pine Gap, Kojarena and North West Cape as well as the deployment of a large US marine force in the Northern Territory.

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