The Turnbull government must keep Australia out of US wars

Australian foreign policy and defence forces are too closely enmeshed with the US, according to a group of health professionals. 

Dr Margaret Beavis, President of MAPW noted that, while President Trump has affirmed an “America First” foreign policy, Australia’s foreign policy also appears to be “America first”, with little differentiation between our ally’s interests and our own.  In this “business-as-usual” agenda, Australia is at high risk of joining further US wars that - like the previous ones - create humanitarian disasters and undermine our security.

Australia has US marines based in Darwin, multiple surveillance bases (most notably Pine Gap) and over forty senior Australian Army officers working in US Pacific Command. This includes an Australian Army Major General serving as the Deputy Commanding General - Operations, US Army Pacific.

“Having marine and surveillance bases here, and senior Australian officers in the chain of command of the US army means that currently Australia is tied to US foreign policy decisions. When the US goes to war, we have little option but to follow.” said Dr Margaret Beavis.

“With the US building up its military bases around China, US threats of blockades in the South China Sea are reckless and provocative.  A war between China and the US is not in Australia’s interests or anyone’s interests.”

“Australia urgently needs to re-evaluate our US marine and surveillance bases, and promote steps that defuse rather than intensify regional tensions.  Senior Australian defence personnel should not be part of the US defence force. Australia needs to be capable of making strategic decisions in our own national interest. War in our region would be a humanitarian catastrophe for all countries involved.” said Dr Beavis 

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