Time to upgrade Nuclear Weapons-Free-Zone treaties

MELBOURNE, 9 DECEMBER. Australia's nuclear treaties Inquiry offers a chance to call for a strengthened South Pacific Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone, MAPW members heard last night.

Associate Professor Michael Hamel-Green, Australia's foremost expert on nuclear weapons-free zones (NWFZs), was the guest speaker at a well-attended Victorian Branch dinner. 

Associate Professor Hamel-Green urged members to include the strenghtening of our NWFZ in their submissions to the Parliamentary Inquiry. He suggested that the South Pacific (Rarotonga) treaty needs to be upgraded to include:

  • Regular conferences to review the operation of the Treaty
  • Extension of the treaty to cover all the Pacific - including Micronesia
  • Links and cooperation with the neighbouring South East Asian Nuclear Free Zone
  • Prevention of tran-shipment of potential nuclear weapons fuel through the zone
  • Prohibition of the deployment of missile systems in the Zone.