Thanks to all our website workers

Thanks to the many people who have helped create this new website. MAPW members willingly gave up their time to share their views on the style and content they wanted. A dozen student members donated part of their summer break to check and categorise pages from our old website. A generous donation funded some of the costs, along with many hundreds of volunteer hours.

The technical and design details were worked on by a committee of members and supporters - Galen White, Chris Miller, Cecily Gilbert and Angela Wilson. As the launch date drew nearer, this team was joined by Dimity Hawkins, Adam Dempsey, Sue Wareham, Priyal Rama Asary, Torika Bolatagici and Leanne Minshull who wote new pages, transferred pages from the extensive old website, and proof read the new site. Branch coordinators and media spokespersons sent us their details.

An especially huge thanks must go to our MAPW intern, Moritz Kuett from Darmstadt University in Germany. Moritz built the site, project managed the team, advised us on the most effective way to present the content, and remained calm to the end. Thank you, and our very best wishes for your future studies!

Please send comments, favourite links, news items and photos: and remind me if you should be on our thank-you list! Nancy Atkin, EO