Avalon Air Show used to be just an air show, and now it promotes military might and weapons dealing. An expanding arms trade ultimately harms communities and nations. Please return it to just an air show, and stop the arms trade being promoted at this event.

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Why is this important?

Is it wise to encourage our children to delight in our ability to harm others? An ability we should ideally use reluctantly, and as a last resort? Secondly, the international arms trade, which is larger and more corrupt than ever before, has become a scourge in other parts of the world.

The flooding of the Middle East and Africa with weapons has contributed to the scale of armed violence there, with disastrous humanitarian consequences, as well as diverting funds from health and education, and restricting development.

Our region has been largely spared this, except in the case of Papua New Guinea where tribal battles and criminal raids now use military assault weapons, making that country one of the most dangerous on earth. Should the rest of the Pacific go the same way?