The problems of nuclear power: new MAPW resources

Dr Sue Wareham OAM spoke on the topic of "Nuclear power: bequeathing more problems for future generations" in a 24 March 2011 forum in Canberra.

"I want to emphasise that nothing that has happened in Japan should have been unexpected. . .everything that has happened is consistent with warnings that have been given about the dangers of nuclear power, warnings that have been passed off as alarmist and as “once in a millennium risks”, Dr Wareham said in introducing her talk.

"I’m going to talk about a number of things, from the start to the finish of the nuclear fuel chain, from uranium mining to waste, bearing in mind that both these ends of the process directly affect Australia.

I’ll talk about accidents, the impact of terrorism, the links with nuclear weapons, and finally a brief comment about alternatives, because we need to kill off the myth that renewable energies cannot supply our energy needs."