Plea for Diplomacy : letter by Dr Margaret Beavis

Early in the week US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson prudently talked of the possibility for dialogue if North Korea stopped its test missile launches. Then Donald Trump waded in, ramping up the threat level, talking of "fire and fury" if North Korea continued to threaten the United States. Pyongyang has only said it will respond if attacked by the US; it is not threatening a first strike. But it continues with its tests. Meanwhile the US's ICBM testing, military exercises and arms build-up in South Korea persist. Any conflict would threaten the lives of 30,000 South Koreans close to the border in the first few days, with many more to follow.  We urgently need wiser diplomatic heads to intervene. 

Dr Margaret Beavis, Medical Association for Prevention of War

Published by The Age, 10 August 2017