Nuclear weapons risky in Iran OR Israel

Canberra Times 21 January: Letter published from Dr Sue Wareham OAM, MAPW Vice President.

"While the writings of the Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council are not always the most helpful towards defusing tensions in the Middle East, Dr. Colin Rubinstein’s Tough, targeted sanctions needed against Iran (CT, January 20) demands a response. A whole opinion piece on nuclear weapons in the Middle East, with not a single mention of the only such weapons that exist in the region, Israel’s, is quite an astonishing feat."

 "Israel states that its own nuclear weapons are only to deter acts of aggression by others. The same argument could be used by any nation, including Iran. Deterrence either works or it doesn’t. The reality is that it is far too risky a theory for us to rely on, hence the need to abolish the lot of them, even Israel’s."

 "Rubinstein listed every aggressive measure that could be, or already has been, taken against Iran. He totally ignored a promising step that actually brings some balance to the issue. This year the UN is due to hold a conference on a Middle East Nuclear Weapons Free Zone. Israel’s support for that would do far more than a barrage of warmongering that is likely to simply galvanise Iran behind its leader and help prevent the very regime change that most of us want to see"

  • Dr Wareham is Vice President of MAPW and Coordinator of the ACT Branch. Contact her via our office for media comment or speaking engagements: 03 9023 1958 or 0431 475 465