Nuclear weapons: the cause of unspeakable suffering

As North Korea heightens tensions by testing a nuclear bomb, a timely new publication documents the "unspeakable suffering" caused by nuclear weapons.

By highlighting the reality of these weapons and what they would cause if used, Reaching Critical Will believe this publication, Unspeakable suffering: the humanitarian impact of nuclear war demonstrates that a stronger and more concrete commitment must be made now to ban and eliminate nuclear weapons.

MAPW's international organisation IPPNWi have issued a statement condemning the tests. IPPNWi states that by increasing the nuclear threat within the region, the North Korean government "has increased the level of tension with its neighbors, has invited more of the international hostility to which it understandably objects, and has further complicated efforts to achieve regional peace and security".

IPPNWi notes that these tests cannot be seen in isolation, as the other nuclear-weapon states and their allies continue to support a double standard by refusing to eliminate their own nuclear arsenals—as the signatories to the NPTi are obliged to do—while insisting that the rest of the world remain nuclear-weapons free.

IPPNWi echoes the statement from Reaching Critical Will in urging all nations to create a global treaty to rid the world of nuclear weapons, so that no State can any longer claim a need or a right to possess them.

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