Nuclear medicine explained in MAPW myth-busting fact sheets

A new MAPW fact sheet published today, describes in simple language how what nuclear medicine is, and how it is used for diagnosis and treatment.It also explains what is NOT nuclear medicine (it does not include x-rays, or CT scans, for example).The fact sheet debunks two myths about nuclear medicine, freqently used as "spin" to put a human face to the nuclear industry:

  • that Australia needs a nuclear reactor to produce materials for nuclear medicine; and
  • that we need a radioactive waste dump for nuclear medicine's waste.

As well as providing basic information on nuclear medicine, the fact sheet also provides useful background to our MAPW Fact Sheet on the Commonwealth Radioactive Waste Depository (also known as the proposed nuclear waste dump).Nuclear radiologist and MAPW Executive Member Dr Peter Karamoskos provided expert advice in developing this fact sheet, as did MAPW President Dr Bill Williams.