Not to late to leave uranium in the ground

The safety and legality of uranium sales are raised by member Glenys Davies in The West Australian on 23 October 2012 in a letter responding to an article by Thom Woodroofe.

India certainly is "more than cricket" as headlined in the Opinion piece by Thom Woodroofe in yesterday's West Australian.

One thing it is not, is a signatory to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty(NPTi).

A requirement of this treaty is that signatories are given access to uranium for energy generation. Were India a signatory to this treaty, there would be less chance that Australia's uranium could free up other uranium supplies for its nuclear weapons development.

India has already violated agreements it had with Canada re use of Nuclear Technology shared with them.

Additionally, The Age today reports that India's Ombudsman has found that the Indian Nuclear industry is dangerously unsafe.

It is still not too late to leave Western Australia's uranium in the ground and not to export Australian uranium to India.