MAPW's Dr Margaret Beavis reviews Japan's response to Fukushima

Can Japan do better than Chernobyl? MAPW Vice-President Dr Margaret Beavis reviewed the response to the Fukushima reactor disaster in the ABC's The Drum on 6 January 2012. 

A recent Japanese government review outlines a series of failures before the meltdowns at the plant, and by TEPCO and the government afterwards. However Dr Beavis notes that it did not address the significant ongoing public health risks.

She argues: "There have been many failures in the handling of this situation. But perhaps the greatest relate to the government's duty of care to protect Japanese citizens".

  • Read the article online at The Drum
  • Dr Beavis, who is Melbourne-based, is available for media comment, and as a guest speaker. Since writing this article she has attended the global conference on nuclear power, in Yokohama, Japan. Contact the MAPW office on 03 9023 1958 or 0431 475 465