MAPW urges students to consider health costs of war

CAIRNS, WEDNESDAY 19 SEPTEMBER: MAPW's Dr Jenny Grounds was the keynote speaker at the final plenary of this year's Global Health Conference, attended by 500 medical students from around Australia.

Jenny spoke to the students about the health costs of war and militarism in Australia, both today and in past years. MAPW sponsored a morning tea of yellow cake - paving the way for discussions about the health risks of uranium mining. We also had a stall. MAPW members from Cairns joined representatives from MAPW's national office and dozens of students took the opportunity to pick up materials, sign onto our e-list, talk to our members, and ask questions of Jenny after her address.

  • See photos from the day at our Flickr page
  • We'll be uploading an edited version of Jenny's speech onto this website - contact us for a copy.