MAPW urges genuine peace process to resolve Israel — Palestine conflict in Gaza

MAPW has issued a statement reflecting on the recent armed conflict between Israel and Palestine in Gaza, calling for moves to ease suffering, and to work towards peace and the removal of nuclear weapons.

The statement notes the health and humanitarian outcomes of Israel's blockade of Gaza including unemployment, food insecurity and aid dependency; the need of all parties to comply with international humanitarian law; the costs of the November conflict in terms of numerous deaths and injuries; and the massive humanitarian catastrophe that would be caused by any use of Israel's nuclear weapons.

The statement sets out a position supporting the right of all to live free from armed conflict, and urges action including the lifting of the blockade, immediate humanitarian aid to Gaza, and a genuine peace process.

In the statement, MAPW calls for:

  1. Full lifting of the blockade of Gaza to help restore the economic rights of the people, and to ease the health burden it imposes.
  2. An immediate international and regional humanitarian effort on behalf of the people in Gaza to ease their suffering
  3. A genuine peace process to commence with negotiations to ensure that the security needs of all civilians in this conflict are immediately met.
  4. The appointment of an independent peace broker from a country that does not supply military hardware or other military support to either party.
  5. Australia’s use of its position on the UN Security Council to urge implementation of the recommendations of the UN fact finding mission into Operation Cast Lead in 2009, which resulted in the deaths of over 1400 people in Gaza (the Goldstone Report).
  6. Israel to meet with other countries of the Middle East to further the establishment of a Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zone in the region, first called for 25 years ago.