MAPW medical specialists urge full disclosure of Japan health risks

MEDIA RELEASE, MELBOURNE  17 MARCH: An MAPW media release laments the lack of accurate information about the continuing nuclear crisis in Japan.

MAPW medical specialists  find it deeply concerning that our government has now advised that Australian citizens should evacuate 80 km from Fukushima, having only yesterday reassured Australians that the 30km Japanese evacuation zone was adequate.

We call on the Australian Government to seek and distribute comprehensive information from Japanese authorities about radiation releases from the ailing Fukushima reactors,’ said MAPW President Dr Bill Williams.We are gravely concerned for those emergency workers on-site at Fukushima, and the hundreds of thousands of desperate people now sheltering or fleeing from radioactive fallout. Without accurate data, it is impossible to accurately assess risk levels.

MAPW notes that the lack of detailed data has already led to mischievous claims from industry representatives that people are at no risk. Equally disturbing has been the trend in some official statements trivialising the risks associated with lower level exposures.

 ‘The current scientific understanding of the health risks from ionising radiation exposures are based on decades of research’, said Dr Williams. ‘The worldwide expert consensus conforms with the so-called ‘Linear No Threshold’ model: this means there is no safe dose of ionising radiation.’