MAPW calls for end to Israel’s Gaza blockade

The Medical Association for Prevention of War has called on the Australian Government to help secure an end to the Israeli Government’s crippling blockade of Gaza.

MAPW President Dr Sue Wareham OAM says that the blockade is a clear violation of the Geneva Conventions, with recent reports indicating that life for Gaza residents is becoming intolerable.

In a letter to Foreign Minister Stephen Smith, Dr Wareham quotes UN reports that the Gaza Strip is facing a humanitarian catastrophe, as Israel continues its siege, and prevents essential food and aid from reaching residents.

 “The International Committee of The Red Cross has been forced to abandon some relief efforts, and reports a desperate need for medical supplies”, Dr Wareham reports.

“Flour mills have run out of wheat to mill. European Union-funded fuel supplies have been cut off, and fuel shortages have led to widespread power cuts and problems with pumping clean water and sewage treatment. Such a situation is a public health disaster in the making.”

“For the children of Gaza, the situation is particularly tragic. Infant mortality rates are already high and will be exacerbated with undermining of the territory’s health care infrastructure. With children living in a situation of economic despair, disruption of education and health care, and growing resentment, the outlook for future peaceful relations with those whom they see as military oppressors is bleak.”