Making the case to increase foreign aid - recent MAPW letter in the Age

by MAPW President Dr Margaret Beavis published in The Age, Letters to the Editor, Thursday 5th November 2015

Visiting refugee camps is all very well, but we still have savage cuts to foreign aid. Our aid will fall to the lowest levels (0.21% GNI) since the creation of a formal aid program more than 40 years ago. Over the next 5 years $7.6 billion has been removed. 

What does this mean? For example, Unicefi has said cuts in Australian aid mean that a hugely successful  program in Africa, helping 750,000  people access water, sanitation and  vaccination, is now off the table. Destabilising regions increases the risk of armed conflict.

The emperor  (this government) has very few clothes when it comes to compassion. And no amount of photo opportunities in Jordan will change that.