Let's talk about Iraq

Dr Sue Wareham, MAPW Vice-President, argues in today's Age and Sydney Morning Herald newspapers that the 10th anniversary of the massive anti-war demonstrations around Australia and across the world, is a fitting occasion for an inquiry into Australia's participation in the Iraq war.

"As predicted by many people at the time, the invasion of Iraq was a humanitarian, legal, political and strategic disaster. It left a trail of death and destruction and millions of refugees. It undermined the role of international law and strengthened terrorism. Australia's role in the war raised serious questions of government honesty and accountability. If we do not learn lessons from this episode, we are at risk of engaging in equally ill-founded wars in the future."

"And now, 10 years later, we need to ask ourselves how the Australian government was able to ignore the public expression of outrage about its intentions. The key lesson we must learn is to ensure that Australian governments can never again commit our forces on the decision of a leader in the face of opposition from millions of Australian citizens, without even our Parliament being consulted."