Iraq: Doctors report civilian casualties after US air strike

IRAQ, 14 APRIL 2008: Doctors for Iraq has issued a media release after receiving reports from the Imam Ali hospital in Sadar City, Baghdad, of dozens of civilian casualties following US military air strikes. Read the full release.

Doctors say 13 bodies were brought to the hospital after a US missile attack on the densely populated neighbourhood east of Baghdad, including a number of children. Eyewitnesses in report that the US military launched two attacks on the area on 12 April following intense fighting.

Hospital Director Dr Al Mdallal, told Doctors for Iraq that the hospital was in short supply of fuel to power generators, and lacking basic medical supplies such as bandages, surgical cotton, yarn and other materials that are used in surgery.

  Doctors for Iraq is calling for:

  • An independent investigation into the deaith of civilians caused by indiscriminate military attacks in the densely populated civilian area.
  • The immediate lifting of the military siege on the neighbourhood so medical and humanitarian aid can be delivered to the area.