The Enduring Effects of War

Out of concern about the simplistic and sometimes misleading messaging about war and in particular the Anzac story, which is increasing as we approach its 100th anniversary, MAPW wanted to do something to promote among young people an understanding and appreciation of the real effects that war leaves behind.   We are a national organisation of health workers concerned about the devastating and enduring effects that war has on people's health, mental and physical as well as the public health of whole communities. We joined with Act for Peace, the international agency for the Council of Australian Churches, and contracted the History Teachers Association of Victoria to produce some lessons, 11 in all, in a unit called the Enduring Effects of War  After a lot of research, interviewing, writing and checking and rechecking by the HTAV staff, especially Jo Clyne and Richard Smith, we have a great set of lessons available to be used in year 9,10, and 11.  They are completely compatible with the National Curriculum, full of factual information including some primary resources and designed to get students thinking critically about the subject matter. To view the lesson plans and resources availabe please click here.