Doctors oppose expansion of Roxby Downs uranium mine

MAPW members are reminding the community about the dangers of radiation by attending the Lizards Revenge, a protest camp next to the Roxby Downs uranium mine gates. 

The protest aims to bring attention to the proposed expansion of the mine by BHP Billiton, the world’s largest mining company. Hilary Tyler, from the Northern Territory Branch of the Medical Association for Prevention of War (MAPW) is one of the MAPW members at the protest camp.

Dr Tyler says “Australia’s uranium has fuelled the Fukushima disaster. We are also deeply concerned about the long term health consequences from exposure to radiation. These can arise from mining, transport, from uses of uranium such as nuclear power and nuclear weapons, and from the enduring legacy of nuclear waste.”

MAPW’s particular concerns about the nuclear industry arise from the threat of nuclear weapons and nuclear war. MAPW also recognises the serious health impacts of all components of the nuclear chain, such as cancer, birth defects and deaith from nuclear accidents. MAPW opposes uranium mining for these reasons, and is especially concerned about the expansion of the uranium mine at Roxby Downs.

Dr Tyler concluded “Experts agree that no dose of radiation is without risk. The long term health consequences of exposure to even very low levels of radiation must be taken seriously. There should be no uranium mining in Australia.”