Australian Health Professionals Call on Australian Government to Support a Nuclear Weapons Ban at the United Nations

MAPW and health professionals from across Australia today sent an open letter the Minister for Foregin Affairs, Julie Bishop MP,  calling on the government to support the growing global push to prohibit and eliminate nuclear weapons.

In the letter, sent ahead ahead of a vote expected in the UN this week, health professionals urged the Australian government to support a ban on nuclear weapons because of the unacceptable humanitarian damage they inflict and to support a UN conference in 2017 to ‘negotiate a legally-binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons’.

The Australian Government’s opposition to a ban on nuclear weapons is increasingly at odds with the majority of nations, including in our region where ASEAN nations and Pacific Island states have joined New Zealand in strongly supporting moves for a ban.

A 2014 Neilsen poll showed over eighty percent of Australians support a treaty banning nuclear weapons.

Signatories to the open letter comprise of indivdual health professionals from across Australia.

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