Alice Springs at risk from transport of radioactive waste: MAPW NT members

An Alice Springs-based team of doctors has completed a study of the potential risks of transport of radioactive waste materials, and launched a fact sheet to explain its findings.

Co-author, MAPW member Dr Tom Keaney, believes that this work is timely, with the proposed waste repository at Muckaty currently the subject of a major national debate.
‘Having a waste dump at Muckaty could result in the large scale transport of radioactive material through Alice Springs and through other rural and remote locations’, Dr Keaney says in a media release issued today, 28 November.
Dr Keaney believes that it is important that health professionals, emergency response personnel and the community are aware of the potential risks of transporting radioactive waste. The study found that that rates of road accidents in NT are much higher than in the rest of Australia, and, suprisingly, the rates of rail accident are also higher. The study also considered the impact of remoteness and lack of appropriate trained personnel and equipment in response to an accident involving the transport and storage of radioactive waste.


The fact sheet was produced by MAPW's Northern Territory Branch members, with support from the Arid Lands Environment Centre and the Public Health Association of Australia.