Dr Peter Karamoskos

Position within MAPW: 

peter [at] mapw [dot] org [dot] au or via Executive Officer: (03) 9023 1958 or 0431 475 465

Professional Qualifications: 
Current field of medicine: 

Nuclear radiologist

Special areas of interest: 
Health effects of radiation, including low level radiation; proliferation dangers of highly enriched uranium in nuclear medicine

MAPW Treasurer Dr Peter Karamoskos has worked in clinical practice for 23 years, and as a nuclear radiologist for 13 years. He represents the Australian public on the Radiation Health Committee of Australia's nuclear safety agency ARPANSAi. Dr Karamoskos has written widely on the health risks of ionising radiation and of the nuclear industry. He is available for expert comment on issues including nuclear power, radiation and safety in the nuclear industry.