Syria: Out of the Darkness - what can we do?

Event Date: 
Sun, 17/04/2016 - 13:00 - 16:00
Kildara, 39 Stanhope Street, East Malvern, Vic

Speaker Dr Fiona Hill

Fiona is Director of the Almanar Consultancy and has a deep personal and professional knowledge of Syria and the Middle East. She has visited and lived in Syria and the Middle East often and has established strong connections to local families. Fiona will talk about the human side of the Syrian Tradgedy and open up ways in which we can constructively support the people in Syria and those who are refugees.

This event is orgaised by Pax Christi Victoria

A shared meal will take place at 1pm (bring food to share)

and the meeting is from 2pm until 4pm

For more informaiton contact Pax Christi on 03 9379 3889