The Enduring Effects of War

This series of lesson plans on war for Year 9 and 10 students was created through a partnership between the Medical Association for Prevention of War, its project partner Act for Peace and the History Teachers’ Association of Victoria.

History teachers often struggle with lessons about war. Conflicts have shaped the ancient and modern world and it is important that students are aware of the role of conflicts in the history of civilisation. In addition to developing a world view, teachers hope that understanding the history of war will help future generations learn from the actions of their ancestors. However, many teachers are concerned that unless approached sensitively, the focus on war in the classroom can have the opposite effect, causing students to glorify it.
This unique set of resources has been developed from the perspectives of medical practitioners, many of them also war veterans. It helps students focus on the physical and mental costs of war, aspects of conflict often marginalised by larger themes of mateship and national pride. Students will learn about the often silent effects of war: injury, mental illness and disease.